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Our strong relationship with the industry helps our students in getting the ideal cooperative training, internship and final placements. It gives the YIC graduates a competitive edge in the workforce. 
Cooperative training programs within specific disciplines. 
Agreements with leading corporate houses bring our students into contact with additional industry experience and cutting-edge technologies 
YIC Industrial Relations department organizes industry visits and guest lecturers with the heavy weights of the industry to keep our students abreast with the latest in the market & corporate world. 
AT YIC we provide Competency based education (CBE) to ensure that graduates of all levels and types of programs are competent to achieve new levels of education and function in the real world of work. Partnership with the stakeholders helps us in creating CBEcurricula and programs to assure, the right competencies are being assessed.

We have a diverse pool of intellectual capital drawn from various countries and fields, endowed with rich research and teaching experience. With a very good student-teacher ratio our academics with exceptional credentials are able to give individual attention to learners. Going beyond the textbooks and classrooms gives our teaching methodology the edge. Major focus on researches, seminars and conferences confirms the intellectual richness of our faculty.


We regularly update the programs provided at YIC to reflect relevant developments in technology, industry, and research, putting you at the forefront of professional knowledge for your study area.

Most of the programs in engineering technology are accredited by the Engineering Technology Accreditation Commission of ABET Inc., US.

Recognition by this international accreditation board means, our programs maintain global standards and will continue to do so in future. These accredited programs give you the capacity to work internationally.

YIC has a wide range of technologically advanced facilities to support your academic, social and sporting life at the College. This includes discipline-specific facilities, access to computing labs for all YIC students, and a state-of-the-art multi-purpose hall. The ‘Smart Campus’ provides fully integrated and automated services to staff, faculty members and students.

The lecture theatres are equipped with smart boards and laboratories with technology equipment in line with the latest in industry. The electronic information kiosks and digital signage screens across the campus provide instant access to important information and news.