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English Language Center at Yanbu

The English Language Center at Yanbu (ELCY) offers a variety of programs and courses to meet the needs of thousands of students who study at its several institutional partners, which include Yanbu Industrial College (YIC), Yanbu University College (YUC) men’s and women’s campuses, Yanbu Technical Institute (YTI), the Royal Commission for Jubail and Yanbu, and residents of Yanbu. All courses, in all Colleges and Institutes, are conducted in English.

In 2012 the ELCY received the highest initial accreditation possible from the USA-based CEA (the Commission on English Language Program Accreditation), an internationally acclaimed accrediting body which accredits English Language programs world-wide. Applicable to all its programs, the ELCY’s 5 year accreditation is a first for any English language training institute in the Kingdom, making the ELCY one of a small handful of English language training facilities throughout the entire Gulf region to be awarded this vaunted prize. The ELCY’s achievement of the highest level of accreditation is a major feather in the Royal Commission’s cap, and one which benefits Yanbu Industrial College greatly.

At YIC, as with other Royal Commission colleges, the core of the ELCY’s activities is the Preparatory English program, which all YIC students must complete prior to entering the specialized degree programs offered by the College. It is a comprehensive program which provides a solid foundation in General English, integrating the essential language skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing. It is followed with an ESP component of Technical and Business English for subsequent courses, to provide for the College’s academic focus in those areas. This foundational program ensures that all students, from the very beginner in English to the more accomplished speaker, obtain the communicative skills necessary to succeed in their chosen fields. Other specialized English courses, which constitute essential components of the Associate and Bachelor degree programs, are provided to students as they progress through their chosen pathway. These courses focus on particular areas such as communication skills, and technical and academic writing.

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General Studies

The General Studies department supports the technical and management departments by imparting numerical abilities and knowledge in basic sciences necessary for comprehending courses offered by other departments. The department consists of 35 multi-national faculty members of different caliber and academic qualification, from PHD, MPhil, MSc and Bachelor degree holders. The General Studies department offers several courses under regular as well as special programs in various disciplines such as Mathematics, Statistics, Physics, Physical Education and Islamic Studies. Even though the department does not offer any degree, it has vital role as the backbone of YIC education system as the courses offered the department of General Studies will develop the core competency for students in pursue of their specialized major.

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Curriculum Development Department

The Curriculum Development Department (CDD) plays a major role in leading the processes of teaching and learning as well as assessment practices at the College. The primary mission of this department is to provide support and advice to other departments concerning the development of high quality curricula, which contribute to the vision of the College. It strives to ensure that quality standards are met, and that the curriculum offered by the College is in tune with the needs of the “World of Work”. To achieve this end, in collaboration with the Quality Assurance Departments as well as the Planning and Development Department, the CDD utilizes and develops policy and maintains accurate and up-to-date curriculum data which address the ever-changing pedagogical needs in technically-oriented higher education milieus.

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Education Development Center

Education Development Center (EDC) is a special task group by the college to enhance the education process in Yanbu Colleges and Institutes. The function of EDC includes providing support to academic staff with redesign and development of courses and programs of study, providing leadership in the development of teaching and learning and providing resources to support educational design.

The work of EDC is guided by the principles of educational design as follows:

A learner centered approach that engages learners and teachers in an aligned set of learning activities, learning resources and learning supports. It is a collaborative process, integrating discipline and institutional context and goals with learner needs, pedagogy and technology for planning learning.

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