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Wed, 05/15/2013 - 10:39 -- admin

The Center of Information Services (CIS) is the backbone of information service provider in Yanbu Industrial College (YIC). Since its intervention, the department has evolved from an electronic data processing department to a full fledge information service provider covering wide span of various computing and technological services. The department has undergone rapid transformation to strengthen its services and competitiveness in meeting with future education technology challenges. Today, YIC campus is more connected; tasks are completed much efficient and cost-effective using the latest blend of information and communication technology. These are made possible through constant transformation in the key areas of information technology services.

The broad span of services provided by the CIS department can be summarized into the following major categories:

Network & Infrastructure

In the area of network & infrastructure, CIS department manages the core digital communication infrastructure including local area networks, Internet connection, wireless network, student dormitory network, network security, data center, digital signage, electronic locks and smart card access. These are the core infrastructure that enables upper layer services for the end users.

Teaching and learning technology services

CIS implements, manages and facilitates various teaching and learning tools to improve the delivery of courses and assist students learning process both in the classroom and outside the classroom. The services include develop, manage and customize Moodle learning management system for the college and managing in classroom audio-visual-presentation technology (smart board) and administer specialize computing facilities for highly specialized courses.


In addition to the teaching and learning technology, CIS has a team of developers who develop various tailored made e-services for internal consumption. These services help to improve communication, operation and execution of various tasks in YIC. Among the e-services include staff portal, student portal, staff and student email service, student information system, student admission system, recruitment system, YIC website, library systems, and mobile application for student in iOS and Android.

Helpdesk & Maintenance services

One of the key roles of CIS department is to provide helpdesk and maintenance services. The service is supported by the use of helpdesk system that will allow a single point of contact for users to gain assistance in all kind of maintenance requests needed. In addition it allows user to tracking his service requests and get update on the progress of his request. CIS also have a team of dedicated technician to provide on-site support for hardware and software maintenance services.

Other services

The role of CIS department does not end at the college level. Very often, the services are extended to Royal Commission (RC) and other institution under the RC banner. This is in the areas where the team in CIS has the technical expertise. Among the notable projects by CIS including recruitment system for RC, integration of student dormitory system between YIC and Yanbu University College (YUC), customization of Moodle, online surveying system and migration of YUC student data for implementation of new Oracle-Peoplesoft student information system.